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LiteRM is a comprehensive, but light-weight requirements manager that changes the game from "easy or effective" to "easy and effective".

LiteRM is easier to use than MS Word and has the core capabilities of heavyweight managers.

LiteRM stores various types of requirements and supplementary information e.g., user roles, acceptance test designs, and definitions.  It provides tailorable templates for each information type along with support for states (e.g., unimplemented) and links (e.g., use cases to test designs).

LiteRM provides the core capabilities found in heavy-weight RMs (e.g., import, record, find/search, select, export, and report) and makes reuse of quality goals easy.

LiteRM is easy to learn, to use, and to change.  You can reorganize and relabel requirements information to suit your team.

LiteRM's unique features include:

  • preloaded with a comprehensive 3D model of quality attributes that supports defining, achieving, and verifying quality goals (e.g. security, reliability, and usability)
  • sits atop a powerful outliner that has many other uses
  • has 30 days of email answers to help you get a solid start

Feature comparison table

Using Word or Excel to manage requirements is like doing arithmetic with Roman Numerals.

LiteRM costs $19.95 (+ $21 for WhizFolders using this link)